Raising chickens is a great hobby for many homeowners because of its many benefits. One of the best benefits of owning your own flock of chickens is you have access to organic food. You can choose either raising chickens for their eggs or meat. If you have the experience, you can raise them for both simultaneously. What you do is raise them to maturity until they start to lay their eggs then as soon as they become inactive, you harvest them for their meat.


Raising chickens for both their eggs and meat is probably the most efficient way to go about raising chickens. Of course, you need to have enough knowledge when you raise your birds. Below are some of the most essential things you need to consider when building chicken coops.


Look at the fence


An important part of raising chickens is maintaining their cages or pens. You want to make sure that their cages are functional all the time. You don’t want predators to be able to sneak into their home and wreak havoc inside. A simple running of your hard along the fence is enough to spot potential weak spots.


Check the door for any signs of damage


Since the door or the hatch on your chicken pen is the only real moving part of the whole thing, you should regularly check it for any damage. You also need to make sure that the door is no bigger than your bigger chicken. This is to ensure that predators can’t squeeze themselves inside your chicken pen.


Check your water sources for leaks


Keep a close eye on your water sources to ensure they are working properly. A small leak on your water container can leave your birds dehydrated for days. It’s best to check it regularly. Another thing to look out for is the top of the water container. Make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it because a germs and bacteria can easily shoot through the hole, making your birds sick after drinking it. While chickens have strong digestive systems, they are still prone to a slew of parasites.


Include perches


Add a good chicken perch on your chicken coop. Perch helps ensure that your chickens would have a place to rest during the night to give them enough energy to lay eggs the next day. Make sure that your perch is big enough to avoid in-fighting between your birds.


Ensure that your feeders are strong


You need to make sure that your feeders can withstand pecking from your birds. They must be strong enough to not budge when being used by a flock of chickens. It is also recommended that you clean it once in a while. Washing it with clean water can be enough to remove germs and bacteria. As I’ve said, chickens are very resilient to germs and bacteria but you still need to be careful about feeding them because you’ll never know.


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